Our Wines

The Five Stones label was born in 2006, although our kosher and vegan-friendly wine production began in 1998. Beckett’s Flat | Five Stones wines are firstly premium Margaret River wines produced from low-yielding vines. Processed without the use of any animal products they may be enjoyed by everyone.

Winemakers must declare the use of egg, milk and fish products on the label, however there are a number of other animal-based fining agents that there is no legal obligation to mention. Every wine under the Five Stones label is vegan friendly and has independent certification of all ingredients used in the processing of the wines.

We aim to make food-friendly wines where the quality of the grapes is left to do the talking. With a range of 6 wines there is certain to be something to suit everyone. A brief wine description can be found by clicking on the wine name in the shop.