Rav HaMachshir at Beckett’s Flat FIVE STONES is Rabbi Mordechai Gutnick, Rabbinic Administrator of Kosher Australia, Australia’s premier kosher supervisory agency.

Rabbi Gutnick has been involved in Kashrut for over three decades and is regarded as a leading authority on kashrut both in Australia and internationally.

The entire range of Beckett’s Flat FIVE STONES wines are Kosher for Pesach and Mevushal. From the time of the grape harvest right through the bottling, Rabbi Gutnick and his team of mashgichim and shomrim supervise the entire winemaking process. In addition the Kashrut Authority of Western Australia (KAWA)  also certify the wines.

For further Kashrut information visit the following websites:

Kosher Australia

Kashrut Authority of Western Australia (KAWA)